Data Recovery NY - Myth Busters Guide

Ever since the age of file storage and recovery for our information, data storage, security, and recovery are high concerns for everyone including big businesses and the individual. It’s no secret that proper data storage should be used in conjunction with a great backup plan, but what happens when our files need to be recovered because we don’t have a backup? While you go sifting through the Internet for information, here are some of the top myths to avoid when doing data recovery.

Create Your Own Clean Room:

There is a myth that you can create your own clean room by running hot water in your bathroom. The steam supposedly picks up dust and dirt particles causing them to stick to the walls. The fact is if creating a clean room was this easy, it wouldn’t cost data recovery service companies thousands of dollars to have one designed and built.

Thousands of particles exist in the air in your home. While steaming your bathroom may pick up larger particles, it still leaves tiny microbes and dust particles suspended in the air. Additionally, maintaining a clean room is only one part of opening a hard drive. Without certain tools, data loss is almost certain. Which is why contacting your local hard drive recovery expert is your best bet.

Just Hit It:

Somehow, the Internet has created the myth that hitting a hard drive will jar it out of being broken. This myth is no different than thinking a quick drop on the floor can fix it. You wouldn’t consider dropping a hard drive to get it to miraculously come back to life, so taking a hammer or screw driver and hitting the drive will not fix it. Doing this may further damage the drive and in some cases make it more difficult or even impossible for a data recovery service company to perform hard drive recovery.

Freeze Your Hard Drive into Motion:

The Internet data recovery myth of freezing a hard drive or setting it into an extremely cold environment has been circulating for years. The idea associated with this myth is that freezing the drive causes the components to shrink, and when they are warmed to room temperature, they will expand again releasing parts like the spindle from being stuck in a certain position.

While freezing your drive may release a stuck spindle, extreme temperatures can cause irreversible platter damage leading to data loss. Furthermore, freezing a drive in places like an ordinary freezer can cause moisture to enter the drive increasing chances of data loss.

Hard Drives can be Repaired:

When it comes to hard drive recovery this may be somewhat true, hard drives that have failed mechanically are repaired to a point were data recovery can be performed however the damage itself is usually irreversible. If the platters have been scratched or tampered with, data recovery can be impossible. The components used in a hard drive are specific to the hard drive in which they operate. You may take the drive to a good data recovery specialist and it may even be restored to working condition. The problem is that most repaired hard drives have short lived life spans, and will often fail in the not-too-distant future. Mechanical wear still remains even after it seems to be working perfectly. It’s better to retrieve your data and replace the hard drive rather than rely on it.