Here are just some of our past clients and their testimonials; full list of is available upon request.

MedSave USA

US Army Xerox
Time Warner

I would like to thank you for your expertise and professionalism in saving crucial data on our current real estate deal along with an invaluable database of our client and customer list. As a full service real estate company VB Porter and Company relies on the contacts and information we have accumulated over the years. It was imperative that we recover this data when our computer hard drive broke. At the same time we had a large deal in the makings and we might have lost the deal if it was not for your fast and efficient hard drive recovery service of our contracts and proposals. We would confidently refer any of our clients to DRE.

Vlad Porter
VB Porter and Company

Dear Alex,

I would like to extend my personal thanks to you and everyone else at DRE. Your company has been providing me and my customers with an exceptional hard drive recovery service for over 3 years. All of our data loss troubles have been solved on a very quick, professional, and affordable basis. You gentleman truly are the experts!

Brian Parker
NYC Computer Consultants

Dear DRE Services,

I want to personally express my gratitude for all the hard work that you have done. Just when I thought that my customer database was permanently lost, you have managed to make a miracle happened! You haven't just recovered my data, you have saved my business! I highly recommend your company to anyone in need of data recovery services. Thank you!

Peter Buren
AEA Consulting

I would like express my thanks to the folks over at Recovery-Experts as they helped me recover something that I consider priceless. I utilized a brand new camera and 4.0 gig multimedia card to record precious moments for the birth of my son. Guess what happened? It went bye, bye. I could not breathe when the error occurred. The display stated memory card error. I thought that it was gone for sure. I had a bunch of video and photos that were irreplaceable and now gone. The only pictures and video of my son's birth! Recovery-Experts were able to get every single video and photo back of this very special day. I was given a quote and a day to get the job done and they followed through with the result that mattered most to me and my family. Thank you for all your hard work and true professionalism.

Steven Sanchez