Computer Forensic Services:

A definition of a computer forensics service is a technological, systematic inspection of the computer system and its contents for evidence or supportive evidence of a crime. Identity theft, employee misconduct, credit card fraud, and other cases which require a computer forensics specialist happen more often then you can image. Our forensic services include investigation of hard drives and portable data devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, micro drives and many others.

Here is how Data Recovery Experts Forensic Service is structured:

Identify the source - DRE will require precise information and details to understand and identify the targeted areas or sources of needed information for evidence.

Preserve the evidence - Provided media will have to be replicated, so the evidence can be evaluated and processed from a forensic evidence file; once completed the investigation for targeted areas or sources specified by the client will begin.

Analyze the evidence - Upon recovery, all evidence will be thoroughly analyzed several times, to insure precision and accuracy.

Present the findings - Once the data has been analyzed, DRE will present their finding in a form of a forensic report. The report will include all the targeted areas which the client specified to investigate.

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