Hard Drive Recovery Experts

Hard Drive Recovery by DRE Services Inc. is considered to be a leading expert in data recovery field. We specialize in hard drive data recovery from:

  • Any brand and manufacturer
  • Any interface: IDE, SATA, SCSI, and SAS
  • Any type: micro, laptop, desktop and server

Reasons behind hard drive failure are not limited, but commonly linked to three categories:

  • Logical: bad sectors, deletion, corruption
  • Electrical: PCB damage, internal circuitry damage
  • Mechanical: head crash, motor damage, platter alignment

Hard drive data recovery is a complex process which involves a lot of procedures. There is no technology that allows the data to be read directly off the platters. Therefore, a failed hard drive has to be repaired to a working condition were data can be accessible. The process involves more than just a part replacement. Over the past 10 years Data Recovery Experts has been investing into R&D and has developed most cutting-edge hard drive recovery tools available in the industry.

  • Parts: our huge parts inventory allows us significantly reduce recovery time
  • Tools: our tools allow us to read around even the most damaged platter areas
  • Cleanroom: we utilize class-100 cleanroom facilities for dust-free environment

Get your hard drive recovery process started today! Simply Request a Quote or give our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff a call at 1-877-HDD-4FIX (877-433-4349)