Do you require Hitachi hard drive data recovery? Then Data Recovery Experts is the solution you have been looking for! Our team of Hitachi hard drive recovery specialists is available 24/7. We use the latest and most advanced data recovery tools to ensure an effective and quick recovery of your data. Call and speak to a Hitachi hard disk recovery specialist today or simply Request A Quote and don't forget to ask about our "data recovery guarantee"!

Hitachi Hard Drive Recovery Failures:

  • Logical: bad sectors, deletion, corruption
  • Electrical: PCB damage, internal circuitry damage
  • Mechanical: head crash, motor damage, platter alignment

Data Recovery Experts experience with Hitachi hard drive recovery is unmatched. Our technicians are capable of recovering data from hard drives with logical, electrical and mechanical failures alike. Give us a call today and see how trouble-free data recovery service can be!

Hard Drive Recovery Process:

Fill out Request for a Quote to receive a service number. Mail or drop off your hard drive at our facility. Once your drive is received it will undergo diagnostics in 24 to 48 hours, depending on your service type you've chosen. Once diagnostics is completed a representative will contact you with the diagnostics report and estimated quote to fully recover your lost data.

Upon your approval of the quote and the recovery process, we will begin the work; which can typically take two to seven business days, depending on the problem type with the drive. If you require faster turnaround, please ask a representative about expedited service.

Once the recovery on your hard drive is complete, you will receive an email with the file structure of the recovered data. You will be asked to verify your most important files; if at this time you are satisfied with the recovery results then the recovery payment will be due. Your data will be transferred to a specified by you media and shipped with 24 hours to you.