Network Storage:

Data Recovery Experts specializes in both Network-attached storage (NAS) and Direct-attached storage (DAS). Both of these network storage types, provide a dedicated data storage which is connected directly to a computer network to provide centralized data access. Network-attached storage differs from DAS in a way that the operating system provides only functionality of data storage and access (e.g. Snap Server).

Most network storage systems contain more then one hard disk drive, often in a RAID configuration. However, nothing is immune to failure and most network storage systems are a computer by itself. Having a hard drive fail or even one the computer components could make it impossible to recover the data due to the nonstandard operating system. Thankfully Data Recovery Experts has developed a way to make these recoveries possible.

DRE currently specializes in the recovery of the following network storage systems:

  • ONStor
  • Snap Server
  • Sun StorageTek
  • HP Storage Works
  • LaCie Ethernet Disk
  • Linksys Network Storage

Many other types of NAS/DAS exist. For a complete list of supported network storage systems or to inquire about our free media evaluation and diagnostics give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call today or simply fill out the Request a Quote form and our representative will contact you.