Do you need Seagate data recovery services? Then we are solution you have been looking for! Data Recovery Experts has been performing Seagate hard drive recovery for over ten years; our knowledge and experience in the data recovery field is unsurpassed. Call and speak to our hard drive recovery specialist today or simply Request A Quote through our website.

Seagate Hard Drive Recovery Failures:

  • Logical: bad sectors, deletion, corruption
  • Electrical: PCB damage, internal circuitry damage
  • Mechanical: head crash, motor damage, platter alignment

As you can see, hard drives can fail for a variety of different reasons. Fortunately Data Recovery Experts has the capacities to salvage your data from nearly any kind of a failure. Our recovery experts are standing by 24/7 so call and see how simple data recovery service should be!

Hard Drive Recovery Process:

Request a Quote through our website to receive a service number. Then simply get us the hard drive, either by mail or drop off at one of our labs. Diagnostics will be performed within 24 to 48 hours, depending service type. Once completed your sales representative will contact you with the hard drive diagnostics results and exact price estimate to fully recover your lost data.

Upon your decision, we will either begin the data recovery procedure or ship the hard drive back to you. The recovery process can take any were from two to seven business days, depending on the failure type with your hard disk drive. If you are in need of a quicker turnaround service then please don't forget to inquire about our expedited service types.

After your data has bee recovered, you will be presented with an application which will allow you to view the recovered data file structure. After which you will be required to do a verification to insure that everything was retrieved. If all data was recovered and you are satisfied with the results the payment will be due and your data will be shipped within 24 hours.